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Gift voucher for a hand crafted Memory Bear Keepsake.


Gift vouchers will be sent by email within 24 hours to the purchaser as an JPEG attachement ready to print, or to resend over text or email . Gift vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of purchase and are not refundable or redeemable for cash.


How to redeem your voucher:


Step 1.

Email your cerificate number and delivery address to us, and you will then receive a self addressed waterproof envelope to return your chosen clothes/fabric. Clothes must be clean and in good condition. Worn or holely clothing may result affect the quality of the finished bear.


Step 2.

Take the envelope to your local post office and return it by recorded delivery, so that a signature can provide proof of receipt, this reduces the risk of loss or damage. Memory Bears cannot be held responsible for any parcels not received.  


Memory Bears, made from items of clothing or fabric sentimental to you that remembers a special time, important event, place or person in your life. Don’t just store your old clothes in a cupboard or attic, let us create something beautiful that will last for ever as a treasured keepsake, preserving the lasting memory of a special person that you love or have sadly lost.


Standard Size

Memory Bears are approximately 25cm when sitting and 35cm when standing.


Large Size

Memory Bears are approximately 35cm when sitting and 45cm when standing.


Extra Large

Memory Bears are approximately 45cm when sitting and 55cm when standing.


Clothing required:

4-5 items of small baby cloths ( 3-6 months, babygrows, etc)

4-5 items of medium baby clothes ( 6-12 months babygrows, cotton t-shirts, etc.)

3-4  items of large baby clothes (18-24 months, jersey, cotton clothing, etc.)

2-3 items of children's clothing (cardigan, jumper, sweatshirt, t-shirt, jeans, etc.)

1-2 items of adult clothing (jumper, t-shirt, cotton shirt, jeans, etc)


Most knitted items can be used but this may alter the size of the bear due to the material. Clothes must be clean and in good condition. Very well worn or holely clothing may affect the finished quality.


Please be aware that Memory Bears are keepsakes not toys, and are not intended to be played with. 


If you have any special requests or instructions these can be added at checkout.

Gift Voucher

  •  You have read, understood and agree with our T&C's

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